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  • 2012/12/05

    Word from NYC: Metal Magazine has arrived!

    Go get one and spread the word!



    The Cuckoo Syndrome, the process…

    The purpose of this project was to develop the image of the exhibition building a canvas made with receipts. Receipts made out of thermic paper allow the possibility to reprint new texts through a tool that generates heat. This by itself is an appropiation of a printing system to generate a new one.
    The concept of the exhibition dictates the main concept of all the graphics used, including the poster, postcard invitation and catalogue. This is the principle of the cuckoo syndrome.
    The original artwork has been exhibited in Viena during the Viena Design Week in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich gallery.



    Found in New York!

    Last Saturday I found two issues of one of my favorites and fetish magazine. Eros from the editor Ralph Ginzburg and the Art Director and Designer Herb Lubalin. The issue with Marilyn on cover was published in 1962 and the pictures were taken by Bert Stern, two months after she past away.
    The orange marks on the pictures were made by Marylin discarding the pictures that she didn’t like.



    Isabella Blow at Dashwood Books, NYC

    Go get it at Dashwood Books new yorkers!


    Freunde von Freunden Interview by Clara Balaguer. Photos by Teddy Iborra Wicksteed

    Read the full story at Freunde von Freunden.


    Metal Magazine nº 28 is coming!

    METAL 28 TEASER from revista metal on Vimeo.

    Printing Metal Magazine nº 28


    Lados Magazine feature designing a wine label

    See the Lados Magazine here.

    Continue reading Lados Magazine feature designing a wine label


    Wine Label for Lados Magazine

    Collaboration for Lados Magazine. A book to generate a label, an image to generate a video, once again a medium becomes the message.
    Special thanks to Marcela Gutiérrez and Marc Oromi for their invaluable help and beautiful hands.


    Drawing the logo for Idep Barcelona

    One of the sketches we did working on the logo.



    Workshop in Idep Barcelona

    The workshop was based on creating new iconography through the deconstruction, alteration or mutilation of the new logo of the school which was launched on the Open Day in Idep Barcelona.

    Continue reading Workshop in Idep Barcelona


    Still Life for a CD cover

    Polaroid sample from the photograph taken by Teddy Iborra Wicksteed.

    Continue reading Still Life for a CD cover


    Shooting a CD cover

    Shooting the cover for Victor Estevez latest Álbum. Photography by Teddy Iborra Wicksteed.
    Styling by Patricia Ruiz del Portal. Hair and Make up by Juan Calet, Ivan Gómez and
    Eva Huertas from 5º 1ª Salón de Belleza. 

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    Found in Peru

    Some sights on my way from Lima to Paracas.

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    Printing Idep Books



    A new bloom in the studio.



    Interview by Vanidad Magazine

    by Vanessa Santos. Photo by Teddy Iborra Wicksteed. March Issue.



    Working on Two Books for Idep Barcelona’s Books

    …with Marc Romo, Fabrizio Colque and Oscar Heredero and Ferrán Izquierdo.


    The Wild White Orchid is in bloom again

    For the 4th time


    Analogic Wireframe in Post-its

    Working on the structure of contents for the website of Idep Barcelona.


    Making it happen…

    Shooting the creative inventory for Idep Books.

    Continue reading Making it happen…


    Idep Barcelona Colloquium

    Today we were working on the edition and production of the colloquium that will be documented in one of the books that we are editing and designing for the School of Image and Design Idep Barcelona. The people involved were Oscar Heredero, Salvador Huertas, Ferran Izquierdo and Esaú Yori. More coming soon…

    Continue reading Idep Barcelona Colloquium


    Teddy’s Stuff

    Today Teddy Iborra Wicksteed came to our studio to take some photographs for an interview that will be published soon… These are his gadgets.


    Goodmorning Sunshine

    08:17 AM

    Working Late

    Marc Romo at the studio.


    Leopard, Morroco & Tea


    Marcela Gutierrez at Vogue.es

    Spetially proud with the feature of Marcela Gutierrez at her studio. Check it here!


    Exotic couple at the studio

    Marc Romo and Clara Balaguer working at the studio


    New Guest collaborator at the studio

    Miss Clara Balaguer from The Office of Culture and Design will be with us working in some projects during the next monts.



    Daniel, Filep & Poli

    Filep Motwary and me with a mock up of an unpublished book that I edited some time ago with the photographer Daniel Sannwald about his work.


    Les toilettes

    Hotel Meurice, Paris.

    Objet trouvé

    Beatiful cover from 1978 found at La Librarie des Archives, Paris.


    24h Museum of Prada

    Designed by Francesco Vezzoli and Rem Koolhaas. Marcela Gutierrez going to the party!

    La Seine

    Paris can be so dramatic.


    Tea, Cookies & Chocolate Smiley

    Smiley Snack!


    Aching Heart

    No comments…


    Sal de Gerri

    Beatiful salt packet that still using the same graphics since 1928.


    Collaboration for Edit

    Working on the photoshoot for the collaboration of Teddy Iborra Wicksteed for Edit, the new supplement of the literary magazine Perro Berde that we are designing for Spanish Embassy in the Phillipines, together with Clara Balaguer. Coming soon…



    Nicaraguan paintings

    Today I found these amazing paintings hung in the walls of the Nicaraguan Embassy in Madrid.

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    Elx Restaurant Logo

    We recently made this logo for Elx Restaurant, one of the best places to eat paella in Barcelona.

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    Sushi Heart

    A PDA from the cook.



    Two Triangles

    An ATM with the same triangle that I have in my wrist.



    New Kids On The Blog!

    This is Fabrizio Colque. He’s currently doing an intership with us and will rock it!

    Photograph by Teddy Iborra Wicksteed



    Status Magazine Interview, Philippines

    Interviewed by Toff de Venecia. Photo by Cholo Dela Vega. September Issue.

    Continue reading Status Magazine Interview, Philippines


    New Kids On The Blog!

    This is Marc Romo. He’s on board at the studio.

    Photograph by Teddy Iborra Wicksteed



    Books Design Blows Up. Philstar Magazine.

    Bent Antenna by Audrey N. Carpio
    Check the entire repport here!


    Fire Walk With Me

    Tattoo Design for Ricardo Fumanal. Curated by Joan Morey.



    Zamboanga University Workshop

    Finders Keepers Losers Weepers.
    For 3 days held a workshop about typography at the University of Zamboanga to the students of Mass Communication. They have to find vernacular typographies on the streets to develope a complete alphabet based in these samples and then design a poster.

    Continue reading Zamboanga University Workshop


    Boys Under The Bridge

    We went with the photographer Kaid Ashton to work in a workshop with the kids of the streets
    of Manila. We were doing collages and taught how to write their names in graphitti letters.

    Continue reading Boys Under The Bridge


    Vernacular Graphics from Manila

    Continue reading Vernacular Graphics from Manila