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  • The Cuckoo Syndrome, the process…

    The purpose of this project was to develop the image of the exhibition building a canvas made with receipts. Receipts made out of thermic paper allow the possibility to reprint new texts through a tool that generates heat. This by itself is an appropiation of a printing system to generate a new one. The concept of the exhibition dictates the main concept of all the graphics used, including the poster, postcard invitation and catalogue. This is [...]

    Metal Magazine nº 28 is coming!

    METAL 28 TEASER from revista metal on Vimeo.

    Wine Label for Lados Magazine

    Collaboration for Lados Magazine. A book to generate a label, an image to generate a video, once again a medium becomes the message. Special thanks to Marcela Gutiérrez and Marc Oromi for their invaluable help and beautiful hands.

    Drawing the logo for Idep Barcelona

    One of the sketches we did working on the logo.  

    Still Life for a CD cover

    Polaroid sample from the photograph taken by Teddy Iborra Wicksteed.

    Shooting a CD cover

    Shooting the cover for Victor Estevez latest Álbum. Photography by Teddy Iborra Wicksteed. Styling by Patricia Ruiz del Portal. Hair and Make up by Juan Calet, Ivan Gómez and Eva Huertas from 5º 1ª Salón de Belleza. 

    Working on Two Books for Idep Barcelona’s Books

    …with Marc Romo, Fabrizio Colque and Oscar Heredero and Ferrán Izquierdo.

    Analogic Wireframe in Post-its

    Working on the structure of contents for the website of Idep Barcelona.

    Making it happen…

    Shooting the creative inventory for Idep Books.

    Idep Barcelona Colloquium

    Today we were working on the edition and production of the colloquium that will be documented in one of the books that we are editing and designing for the School of Image and Design Idep Barcelona. The people involved were Oscar Heredero, Salvador Huertas, Ferran Izquierdo and Esaú Yori. More coming soon…